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Erie Rate Protection Coverage

It seems that the cost of just about everything is on the rise these days. We can help you make sure that your auto insurance premium isn’t one of them. With ERIE’s new Rate Protection Endorsement, you can lock in your auto insurance rate so you’ll pay the same premium year after year.

Here’s how the Rate Protection Endorsement works. With this endorsement, you lock in your auto rate until you do one of the following:

  • Add or remove a vehicle from your policy
  • Add or remove a driver from your policy
  • Change your primary residence

Even if you have a claim, your premium will not change until you make one of the changes listed above. If you have purchased this endorsement and ERIE’s rates increase or decrease, your rates will remain the same.

One of the benefits of this endorsement is that you can add or delete the endorsement when one of the above changes occurs or when your policy renews each year. You are in the driver’s seat – you can lock in your rate when it suits your situation.

You can still make the same kinds of changes to your auto policy that you’ve made in the past without losing the benefits of the endorsement. If you request one of the following changes, or if you gain or lose eligibility for a multi-policy or pay plan discount, your premium will only be adjusted to reflect that particular change:

  •     Add or delete coverages
  •     Change a policy limit, deductible, multi-policy status or payment plan

What a nice addition to your household budget – stable auto insurance rates.

Talk to your ERIE Agent about adding the Rate Protection Endorsement to your ERIE auto policy and take control of your auto premium.

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